Name Position Phone
Steve Kennedy City Manager 770-429-4544
Jeff Drobney Assistant City Manager 770-424-8274
Bill Westenberger Chief of Police 770-422-2505
Debra Taylor City Clerk 770-424-8274
Bob Fox Economic Development Director 770-794-7075
LisaRae Jones Human Resources Director 770-424-8274
Gina Auld Finance Director 770-424-8274
Mark Rice Building Official 770-429-4554
Darryl Simmons Planning & Zoning Administrator 770-590-8268
Earnie Via Public Works Director 770-421-8582
Doug Taylor Parks & Recreation Director 770-422-9714
Pam Davis Media/Marketing Specialist 770-424-8274
IT Department Information Technology. 770-424-8274
Linda Johnson Court Clerk 770-429-4531
Paul Sprague GIS Coordinator 770-424-8274
Bobbie Duke 9-1-1 Director 770-424-8274
Richard Banz Director, Southern Museum 770-427-2117
Miranda Jones Assistant to the City Manager 770-424-8274

Did You Know?

The Southern Museum is a member of the Smithsonian Affiliations Program.