Recycling saves! Reducing the amount of trash by becoming commited to recycling is good for the environment and the wallet. The city collects over 20,000 tons of garbage a year. The average household of three produces approximately 1.4 tons of garbage a year, 84% of which can be recycled, including paper, cardboard, cans and bottles. Even food scraps and yard waste can be composted. If everyone would make a concerted effort to recycle, the cost of services could be reduced.

Want to find out more? Keep Kennesaw Beautiful works to empower residents to be responsible stewards of our natural resources. The Committee meets at 6 pm on the second Monday of the month in the Court/Council Chambers.  All meetings are open to the public.

E-recycle and shredding events are held bi-annually in April and November at the city's Public Works facility. Check the Calendar of Events for details.


Once a week curbside recycling is provided by Republic Services. This is a service that is encouraged and provided at no extra charge to the customer. Bins MUST be placed on the curb before 7 am the day of collection.

In order to protect the environment by conserving natural resources and preserving rapidly dwindling landfill space as well as minimizing waste disposal costs, the City of Kennesaw encourages all residential and commercial/industrial occupants to recycle all recyclable materials and implement reduction activities.  The following is a listing of items accepted by the City recycling program.  Any items contaminated with food or other debris (oil, feces, etc.) will not be collected.

                                                        Acceptable Items:

Paper:  newspapers (inserts & ads okay); magazines & catalogs; brochures & pamphlets; mail envelopes (windows & labels okay); file folders & card stock; printing/writing paper (colored paper okay); shredded paper (bagged); telephone books, paperback books and hardback books

Cardboard:  corrugated cardboard & boxes (flatten or cut up); cereal & cracker boxes; food cartons & boxes; milk cartons & drink boxes; paper bags; paper towels & toliet paper rolls; paper egg cartons

Plastics:  plastics with numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7; soda & water bottles; mouthwash bottles; catsup & salad dressing bottles; milk & water jugs; cosmetic & shampoo bottles; bleach, laundry & dish soap bottles; household cleaning bottles

Metals:  aluminum cans; steel/tin cans; clean scrap aluminum; non-hazardous aerosol cans (empty)

Glass:  unbroken bottles and jars (clear, green, brown) 

                                                    Items NOT Acceptable:

Food or liquid waste                                    
Frozen food containers                               
Cookware or pots & pans
Paper or plastic cups & plates                  
Tarps or garden hoses
Napkins or paper towels                             
Toys or child pools
Plastic bags (store, bread, ziploc)             
Metal or plastic pails or buckets
Tissue or gift wrap                                       
Electronics or electronics housing
Aluminum pie pans or foil                           
Photographic paper, tapes or CDs
Light bulbs or fluorescenty tubes             
Print or toner cartridges
Cellophane food bags (i.e. salad, candy)  
Auto parts or batteries
Pet food bags                                                  
Motor oil or anti-freeze bottles
China or ceramics                                         
Clothing or shoes                                          
Kitchen utensils or dishes
Clothes hangers                                             
Prescription vials
Aluminum siding for homes                         
Draperies or blinds 
Plastic film packaging (shrink/saran wrap)     
Styrofoam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts 
Medical supplies (syringes, needles, lancets) 
Yard waste (grass, weeds or tree trimmings)

  • Classes at Smith-Gilbert Gardens offer gardening pointers to adults & kids.

  • Kennesaws proud heritage is honored and remembered on the grounds of the City Cemetery.

  • Kennesaw Parks & Recreation will get you moving toward improved fitness and health.

  • Morning dog walking is invigorating and enjoyable at Swift-Cantrell Park.

  • City officials and business owners cut the ribbon to showcase a new opening.

  • Police officers start the recruiting process early.

  • Shop at our Farmers Market for fresh produce, baked goods & other items from May-October.

  • Mayor Mathews invites future community leaders to participate in City Council meetings.

  • The Police Honor Guard is specially trained to represent the department at formal functions.

  • The Civil War era comes to life at the Southern Museum and in annual battle re-enactments.

  • The annual Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival features a Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned contest.

  • Gather your paints brushes or camera and get inspired at Smith-Gilbert Gardens.

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated staff provide first-rate support of the citys trails, parks and facilities.

  • Hundreds of volunteers maintain the beautiful flora at the 16 acre Smith-Gilbert Gardens.

  • The Citys two community parks offer families hours of recreation and relaxation.

  • Children celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree in the Garden at Swift-Cantrell Park.

  • Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park offers a bird-eye view of the city and surrounding area.

  • A new pedestrian underpass provides safe passage between Main St. and the Depot.

  • The City offers free wireless internet in parks & city facilities.

  • The Annual Big Shanty Festival features crafts, food, & shows attracting over 50,000 visitors.