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There are many public safety challenges that face our law enforcement officers daily. Many times, duties become routine to officers although they are rarely routine to those interacting with the officer. There are incidents, however, that are not routine. Assisting vulnerable victims is never routine. Although not all inclusive, our children and senior adult victims stand out as most troubling. The question: “How could someone do this to another” comes to mind.


Unfortunately, crimes against our elder population is becoming more present throughout our communities. Demographics reflect that our communities are collectively aging. This change provides opportunities for those that may prey or take advantage of a vulnerable senior adult. There are many ways this can occur. The most common is through financial means. It can occur as a result of actions by a family member of the victim or actions of another – usually in a scam. Other abuse situations include physical and emotional abuse and is extremely troubling to know of its existence.


Susceptibility to these crimes is generally derived from the senior’s struggle with losing their independence. After a long productive life, it is difficult for anyone to come to terms with having to be dependent on someone else. It’s even more difficult to ask for the help. 


As a community, it’s our responsibility to be respectful of those who have helped pave our ways and be aware of their vulnerability as they age. Please make sure to pay attention and report any abuses you may witness. 


Stay Safe!!


William Westenberger
Chief of Police
Office: (770) 429-4535
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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