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Unfortunately, over the past few years, our community has seen an increase in the use of heroin. The impact is changing lives daily and has led to overdoses in epidemic proportions. Many times families find themselves in shock to learn that a loved one is a user, especially when the painful discovery comes by way of an overdose or death.

Although each user and family has an independent story, many have similar orientations to the use of this dangerous drug. Many users began by abusing prescription pills. The false sense of security in taking a narcotic prescriptions seems to be how many addictions begin. No one seeks a life of addiction! It generally begins innocently and develops into an uncontrollable consumption of life.

Overtime, illegally obtained prescription pills have become more difficult to find, making it harder to support the addictions. This has led to an increased and less expensive transition of heroin. The concern is that the potency of heroin is quoted as being nearly 80% more pure than in decades past.

Now the question… “What do we do????” We begin by becoming more involved with our loved ones; paying attention to what may be the warning signs:

• Needle marks

• Slurred speech

• Possession of drug paraphernalia

• Withdrawal from friends/family

• Lack of personal care or hygiene

If you see the warning signs and have suspicion of addiction, PLEASE seek help with intervention. Law enforcement efforts will continue to be relentless.

Let’s work together to save lives!!!


In Humble Service-

William Westenberger
Chief of Police
Office: (770) 429-4535
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